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Certificate of Recognition pilot program

Under this program, organizations that achieve a designated safety standard receive the certificate, contributing to lowered premiums and fewer accidents for the organization. The Workers Compensation Board of BC has developed a draft paper (link to file below) on their CORE involvement.

In BC, the Road Construction and Maintenance Safety Network, in partnership with the Workers' Compensation Board of B.C., are piloting a Certificate of Recognition program.

The Alberta WCB has a program called Partners in Recognition that works on the same principle. Recognition can reduce premiums up to 20% while creating a safer workplace.

COR Program Background Paper

What is the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program and how does it work?

The Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia (WCB) is committed to promoting the importance of effective health and safety programs for all employers. By committing to training, health and safety program development, implementation and auditing processes, employers who participate in the COR Program will be recognized for their leadership and safety excellence.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is designed to recognize the efforts of employers who have developed and implemented effective health and safety management systems. Employers who meet the established standards for the program will receive a COR for their company that is jointly issued by the WCB and a certifying association that represents their industry sector.

How does it work?

Employers voluntarily sign up for the program with an association that represents their industry in the COR program, this association is recognized as a certifying association by the WCB. They commit to participating in training programs designed to provide knowledge and skills in the development, implementation and auditing of health and safety management systems. When they have implemented the basic elements of a health and safety management system, employers carry out a baseline self-audit of their health and safety processes and submit this audit to their certifying association.

The certifying association reviews the audit for completeness and ensures that all the required documents are attached.

What is a COR?

The Certificate of Recognition is known as a COR, it is a document issued to an employer that has demonstrated that their health and safety management system meets criteria established by their industry sector certifying association and the WCB.

To achieve a COR, the employer is required to undergo an external audit of their health and safety management system and to meet the required standard. This standard is determined by the certifying association in conjunction with the WCB; but will be no less than an audit score of 80% overall with no individual element scores of less than 50%.

What about financial incentives?

The WCB will provide a financial incentive in the form of a 5% rebate upon completion of the requirements to employers who meet the criteria established by their certifying association and the WCB.

How will the Pilot Program work?

In the COR Pilot Program the certifying association for the Road Construction or Maintenance Industry sub sector is the BC Road Construction and Maintenance Safety Network (The Safety Network).

The Safety Network will be the administrator of the COR program for the Road Building industry sub sector. They will provide members with a mechanism to voluntarily sign up for the program and inform them of the requirements for completing training programs and audits in order to qualify for a COR.

Employers complete a minimum number of training courses and carry out an internal baseline audit. They will submit the audit to the Safety Network for review. The Safety Network will review the information submitted by the employer to ensure that standards have been met. At this point the employer may be eligible for a preliminary incentive.

When the employer is ready to complete an external audit to achieve their COR, they will contact the Safety Network and make arrangements for an external auditor to carry out a review of their health and safety management system.

The Safety Network will issue the COR If the external audit demonstrates that the employer's health and safety management system meets the criteria established for their industry sector. The COR will be linked to specific WCB account number(s).

Employers who achieve a COR will be eligible for a 5% premium refund based on their WCB assessment if all eligibility requirements are met.

Employers with fewer than 20 employees will be eligible for a small employer program.

The COR will be valid for a maximum of 3 years from the date of issue, contingent on the completion of internal audits each year by the employer. Internal COR maintenance audits will be sent to the Safety Network each year to ensure standards are maintained in the COR program.

Who will issue the rebates?

The Safety Network will issue rebate cheques to employers who meet all requirements when the criteria have been met. Funds to provide the rebates to participating companies will be raised through an industry wide levy on all employers' WCB assessments in the sector involved.


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