2017 Information - Networking - Luncheon

February 17th, 2017
Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Cobble Hill BC


[Coast Waste Management Association] 
Information - Networking - Luncheon
Food Waste Diversion and
Composting Odour Challenges
Coast Waste Management Association invites you to join us for a workshop and networking event on February 17, 2017 at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Cobble Hill, BC.

Food waste is a big issue, affecting multiple stakeholders in various sectors of our government and economy. The scope of the issue continues to raise red flags at the federal, provincial and local government level.

Whether you are a food-waste generator, organics-recycling professional, or a waste management practitioner, the solutions for reducing food waste and increasing recovery is a very broad issue. This event will highlight local efforts that reduce food loss and waste, rescue wholesome food, and recover inedible food residuals for beneficial reuse. We will also discuss the challenges of odour management at compost facilities with perspectives and discussion from both regulator and a system designer.

Derek Pace & Rudi Wallace - Mustard Seed Food Bank/Victoria Foundation  

The Food Share Network is an innovative umbrella that enhances food security in the Capital Region through collaboration and cooperation among food banks, community centres, donors and other participating organizations. Working with the Victoria Foundation, the Mustard Seed Food Bank have  leased a warehouse that will allow them to accept perishable foods that were previously sent for disposal. 
Peter Sinclair & Vicki Tait  - Loaves and Fishes Food Bank/Haarsma Waste Innovations
Every day thousands of pounds of good food is thrown out.  Nobody feels good about such waste. Loaves and Fishes Food 4U Program works to provide a viable, efficient, and cost effective way for businesses in the food industry to direct good food away from the landfill and into the hands of needy people. By partnering with Haarsma Waste Innovations, Loaves and Fishes are able to make sure residual waste is diverted from landfill.   

Steve Diddy & Ray Robb (invited) - Engineered Compost Systems/Metro Vancouver

The operational requirements of a composting facility are ever evolving. New regulations, nearer neighbours, and increasing and/or changing feedstocks can force evolution over time, regardless of the system provider. Steve Diddy and the team at Engineered Compost Systems share some of the solutions to improve the process and help facilities achieve better BMP compliance.

Ray Robb manages environmental regulation and enforcement for Metro Vancouver, the authority that issues permits and licences, sets standards and assesses compliance for privately owned solid waste facilities 
 in the region. Ray will discuss the challenges of developing systems, measuring  omissions and enforcing permit requirements.  

CWMA are very pleased to provide you with an opportunity to hear the latest updates, ask questions of our presenters, and to network with your industry peers and colleagues.

Please join us in Cobble Hill on February 17 at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, 3515 Telegraph Road, Cobble Hill, BC V0R1L4. Accommodations are available at the nearby Villa Eyrie Resort, starting at $149.00 per night. To reserve a room please call 250 856 0188 quoting client code 636.

Reserve your place now by emailing: info@cwma.bc.ca or call 250 733 2213

$55.00 CWMA members
$65.00 non-members
(Prices include lunch, tax and gratuity)

Doors open at 10.00 AM for networking with the presenters convening at 11.00 AM followed by lunch at 12.30 PM.  

Food Waste Diversion and Composting Odour Challenges 

This event is being held at Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Cobble Hill, BC. Through a partnership with the nearby Villa Eyrie Resort, we are able to offer room rates for this event  starting at $149.00 per night. To reserve your room please call 250 856 0188 quoting client code 636.

Please join us to hear about some of the developments, challenges and opportunities, and to ask questions and network with your industry peers. Feel free to forward this on to others in your network who may benefit from attending.


Additional details are attached and you may register by phone, fax or email, info@cwma.bc.ca. We hope that you are able to join us on February 17, 2017

Will Burrows 
Executive Director. 

About CWMA

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