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CWMA Board Members and staff may be contacted through the following.

Mailing Address:
1185 Rolmar Crescent
Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L4

Phone: (250) 733-2213
Toll-free: 1-866-386-CWMA (2962)
Fax: (250) 733-2214
Email: info@cwma.bc.ca


We’re updating our mailing list. 
Please read if you haven't seen our emails for a while.

Are you in the solid waste or recycling industry?  Part of our mandate is to share information with CWMA members and others in the industry -- around 500 business owners and professionals that we've been in touch with for years.  And we've just added some old friends back to our list.  We've taken the utmost care to get your address right, and to remove everybody who asked us to.  We know you're busy, and we don't email often.  However:

If you prefer that we don't send you these emails, or if they should be directed to someone else, please just reply and let us know.  We will immediately respect your wishes.




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